Nine Languages

    You are invited to listen to our 24/7 reading of the New Testament in the language of your choice. Although we use mulitiple servers and streaming technologies, when you join the reading, you will be listening to the same Book and Chapter as everyone else for the same language.

    If you have an iPhone we encourage you to go to the iTunes App Store and get our free Streaming Bible Radio app. The streams are the same but the Streaming Bible Radio app is very persistent about keeping a connection in spite of network changes and other problems. Here is the iTunes Preview.

    (iPhone and iTunes are trademarks of Apple.)

    Cantonese - Today's Chinese Version

    English - King James Version

    English - World English Bible

    Farsi - Sharief Translation

    Hebrew - Modern Hebrew

    Hindi - Bible Society of India

    Hokkien - China

    Mandarin - Union Version

    Russian - Holy Synodal Version

    Spanish - Reina Valera 2000

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